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Clean engines fueled by ammonia

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The tech you already know without the emissions.

Ammonia can be burned in engines like diesel and natural gas.

We reduce switching costs by leveraging the technology you already know.

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Use existing infrastructure & distribution systems.

Ammonia is flexible. It can be burned directly or converted into hydrogen.

Our IP uses both methods to compete with diesel’s efficiency and convenience.

Aza engines decarbonize hard-to-decarbonize industries

Familiar tech and existing fuel makes decarbonization approachable for industrial clients.

CO2 free engines

for generators, heavy vehicles, and thermal systems

a photo of a standby generator beside a commercial building during the sunrise.

Generate Electricity

  • commercial backup
  • locomotive
  • marine aux power
  • remote primary
  • remote EV charging
A photo of a green tractor pulling an implement while the sun sets.


  • maritime short haul
  • ag systems
  • mining vehicles
  • construction vehicles
  • large road vehicles
A photo of a grain bin with an ammonia tank beside it during a sunset.


  • power turbines
  • furnaces
  • boilers
  • industrial heating
  • grain dryers

Ammonia's Advantage

Burns Carbon-free

Ammonia contains no carbon. Emissions contain no CO2.

Decarbonize faster

Switch to carbon-free power faster than with complex alternatives.

Easy to transport

Ammonia is conveniently stored as a liquid at low pressure.

Easy to store

Far more energy dense than other low-carbon alternatives like hydrogen.

Made carbon-free

More companies are creating ammonia from renewable energy.

Flexible uses

Can be burned directly to generate power or cracked into hydrogen.

Combustion engines last

Combustion engines have proven durability.

Ammonia is available

Ammonia’s supply chain is mature. We can start using it now.

Aza Power Leadership

Our mission is to decarbonize industrial engines using existing technologies & fuel.

A photo of Aza leader: Seamus Kane

Seamus Kane, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO

A photo of Aza leader: Will Northrop

Will Northrop, PhD

Co-Founder & Sr Tech Advisor

A photo of Aza leader: Tim Krebs

Tim Krebs, CFA


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